Isidro Maestre

Isidro Maestre

Trademark Associate


  • Bachelors Science – 2007
  • University of Havana Law School – 2014


  • Licensed in Cuba – 2014

Isidro Maestre is an experienced Cuban attorney with a history of providing sound advice to his clients. He has experience working with attorneys licensed in the United States on trademark matters and has developed an understanding for the practice of intellectual property law, especially in the Caribbean region. He comprehends the requirements for filing various applications related to trademark matters including the registration and management of trademark portfolios. Isidro is skilled in creating strategies to overcome obstacles to  the registration of trademarks and the recordals of changes in ownership.  Isidro is experienced in working on files with complicated issues raised by Examiners in office actions and other refusals from Caribbean registries.

Isidro has litigation experience having been actively involved in a number of trials in Cuba. As a result of this experience, he has developed strategizing techniques. Isidro applies his litigation experience to the trademark practice and has been successful in persuading the registries to move applications along to completion. Isidro Practiced Law in Cuba before relocating to the United States and is proficient in Spanish and English.

Business And Professional Affiliation

  • Cuba National Jurists Organization
  • INTA – International Trademark Association
  • Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property – ASIPI