Complete Intellectual Property Services (“CIPS”) is a boutique IP law firm specializing in an extensive range of destination intellectual property legal services in the Caribbean region.

We distinguish ourselves with our qualifications, experience and expertise used to provide our clients with personalized exceptional services via strategic relationships in the region and through a highly skilled team qualified in both the United States and the Caribbean region.

With our team of qualified staff and licenced attorneys who are admitted to practice in Florida, Missouri, Michigan, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Cuba, and St. Kitts & Nevis, CIPS has the ability to manage large and complex intellectual property portfolios in the Caribbean.

Complete Intellectual Property Services

CIPS has offices in the United States and the Caribbean and therefore we are strategically positioned to provide the benefit to our clients of having representation based in the United States overseeing the protection of their portfolio in multiple jurisdictions in the Caribbean region. With offices strategically located in the region, we stay up to date on the changes in the law and policies.

Our founders have made several visits to the Caribbean registries and worked directly on complex intellectual property law matters overcoming obstacles to pending applications. With the knowledge and experience earned, our founders determined that both a knowledge of intellectual property law and a knowledge of the policies and practices of the registries are both necessary to effectively manage intellectual property portfolios in the Caribbean.

With this knowledge, the concept of providing Complete Intellectual Property Services that navigate the formalities of the intellectual property practice in the Caribbean region was created. We use the standards of practice established in the United States and other larger countries to provide our service through the Caribbean region. Brand owners can rely on CIPS as a service provider who understands the demands of the brand owner and meets those demands within the requirements of the Caribbean region.