The Bahamas is well-known globally for its top of the line, luxury hotels and beautiful beaches. This worldwide recognition gives them standing as one of the wealthiest countries in the Americas. It was not always this way; the Bahamas were liberated from the grasp of the Spanish when the British took control of the pirate-infested shores in the 1700s. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, as it is formally known, remains under British rule as an independent commonwealth nation; it became a colony in 1718.

​Tourism is the main industry of the island and is the source of jobs for more than half of the islands’ workforce. Millions of tourists visit the islands each year, with a vast majority coming via cruise ships. Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau is one of the well-known vacation getaways on the island. The total population is 332,600 and there are 700 islands that make up the group, 30 of which are inhabited.

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