​Belize is one of the few countries that is not a part of the archipelago, but it is still considered a part of the Caribbean. With an area of 8,867 sq. miles and a population of 387,879, it has the lowest population and population density in Central America. English is the main language spoken, with Spanish coming in second. Belize is a Commonwealth realm.

​The biodiverse landscape that Belize offers is enviable and the ethnic groups are just as diverse. The Mayan groups that first inhabited the island are a small part of what lends to its robust historic charm. Scenic shorelines and breathtaking views are one of the main reasons that tourists enjoy visiting. Belize relies on a mixture of agriculture and tourism to support its economy. The capital city is Belmopan and is located 50 miles inland from the Caribbean coast.

Filing Requirements


  • Local filing available. Validity period – 10 yrs from filing date
  • Master AOAs signed by proprietor and notarized.
  • Declaration for Priority, signed by proprietor and notarized.
  • Priority filing accepted.
  • Maximum 5 Classes per application.
  • Pantone code has to be obtained for coloured Trademarks.
  • Only original documents will be accepted.
  • Classification system – International Classification System
  • Multi-class applications are allowed.


  • Master AOAs signed by proprietor and notarized.
  • Six months’ grace period.
  • Local – 10 yrs from renewal date.
  • English translation of goods is required.