Guyana, officially known as the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, is one of the founding member countries of the Caribbean Community organization (CARICOM). It is the only official English-speaking country in South America and is more historically and culturally similar to the island countries than the South American countries. Guyana reached its independence in 1966 and became a republic in 1970. The capital is Georgetown and its area is 83,000 sq. miles.

Guyana is especially diverse as it contains cultures influenced by multiple ethnic groups, including Indian, African, and Amerindian peoples, as well as multiple smaller groups. Further inland, the rainforests are home to a spectacular display of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic to the island and can only be seen in their natural habitat in Guyana. Guyana relies on agriculture (rice and Demerara sugar), bauxite and gold mining, timber, shrimp fishing, and minerals to support its economy.

Filing Requirements


  • Local filing available. Validity period – 7 yrs from filing date.
  • UK based application allowed. Validity period – 10yrs from filing date.
  • Master AOAs signed by proprietor and notarized.
  • A declaration form must be provided per mark. Must be signed and notarized.
  • No Priority filing accepted.
  • Only original documents accepted.
  • Classification system – International Classification System
  • Multi-class applications are allowed.


  • Master AOAs signed by proprietor and notarized.
  • Six months’ grace period.
  • Local – 14 yrs from renewal date.
  • UK – 10 yrs from renewal date.
  • English translation of goods is required.