Press Release: Oct 02, 2022

I am very grateful and humbled to be announcing the launch of my law firm. Thanks to the love and support of my family, friends and a solid network of clients and colleagues, I’m able to say we are officially open for business with offices in Anguilla and Florida. With an amazing team of professionals, we are launching what promises to be a convenient and professional avenue for brand owners to protect their intellectual property in the Caribbean region.

Our team is made up of Attorneys, IP specialists and support staff fluent in English, French and Spanish allowing us to effectively service our clients throughout the region.  Our strategic partnerships with IP professionals in leadership across the region, provide us with the necessary support and resources. This uniquely positions us to engage each registry promptly and efficiently on our clients’ behalf.

I was born and raised in the Caribbean. A place I treasure to be my home always and forever. Our culture is rich and diverse, widely known for its beauty, spicy food, great music, efficient service and friendly people.

Although the islands in the Caribbean are divided by water and each island has its own legislative and IP framework, our professionals maintain rich cultural ties and remain connected by a desire to provide exceptional service to our clients. With the compass as our logo, our firm will navigate our clients through this region to protect intellectual property. We promise to deliver the highest standards of excellence with friendly, consistent, efficient and professional service.

Please visit our website and follow our social media pages for regular updates and developments on the Caribbean IP practice.